Our Customers

Our clients consider us a true strategic business partner by allowing them to manage their supply chain in real time.

Success stories

We operated as their distribution center for their cold and frozen food products for the northern part of Mexico. We shipped more than 20,000 boxes on a daily basis to more than 350 supermarkets, depending on their specific requirements and following a strict control of product expiration.
We consolidated their operation in one distribution center, which had an average inventory of 4,000 tons.


“We are utterly convinced of the commitment and adaptability Basal offers us, without a doubt, we had a complicated start, but you were able to fulfill our requirements. We are grateful for these months of hard work and we are sure you will continue reaping commercial success in the future.”

“For ViBa it is very important to be able to count on Basal as a strategic business partner on our supply chain in order to be able to satisfy our clients’ growing demand while maintaining an excellent level of service at the lowest possible costs, and without losing the quality in our cold network”