Cold storage services

Storage and inventory control

In order to guarantee inventory reliability and proper handling of our customer´s inventory, we use world class technology and implement the best practices.


Regardless of the complexity of your request, our specialized personnel guarantees a suitable solution and facilitative process that will abide by the exact product specifications and requests.

Cross dock

We increase our customers’ productivity by optimizing merchandise flow through an agile service. At Basal, we receive your products and assure their quick consolidation and shipment to their final destination.

Transportation Solutions

We transport your products efficiently and safely through one point of contact, leaving no room for misplacements.

Different temperature ranges

Cooler: from 0°C to 4°C (from 32°F to 39.2°F)

Freezer: from -18°C to -26°C (from -0.4°F to -14.8°F)

Dedicated rooms for specific temperatures